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The Latest on "The X-Files" Blu-rays

The X-Files on Blu-ray. Fox has been teasing this one for awhile. Chris Carter spoke about releasing the series in HD at San Diego Comic Con. There was even supposed to be some sort of an announcement from Fox Home Entertainment following the 20th anniversary panel, but yet, the Truth is still out there. 

We haven't seen an official announcement of a release date, but this is about as much of a secret as Mulder and Scully's feelings for each other were. In season 7. During the "Amor Fati" hallway scene. Fox is certainly working to put The X-Files on blu-ray, and here is the latest scoop.

According to Robert Meyer Burnett on January 7th's 5by5 Screen Time Podcast, Fox is going back to the film negatives of seasons 1 through 4 and remastering them into the widescreen format. The live podcast is not yet available online, but you can read more about what was said over at The Digital Bits.

Still no official word on when you can add this one to your Amazon shopping list, but The X-Files on blu-ray is coming. Hopefully before the aliens get here. 

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Preview: The X-Files: Season 10 - #8

This coming Wednesday, January 8th 2014, IDW brings us a new issue of The X-Files: Season 10! As someone that has already read the full issue and will be posting a full review early on the 8th, I can tell you that this one is VERY exciting.

The conspiracy oozes out of the pages like a perfectly stuffed cream puff... or, a dissolving shape shifter... Wow, that went weird real fast! But so does this issue. Be prepared for a new ride of secrets and past allies and enemies.

For a preview of the first pages of The X-Files: Season 10 - #8 "Being For The Benefit Of Mr. X", click here. Be warned of sensitive graphics and themes.

Technical details:

Story: Joe Harris - Art: Michael Walsh - Colors: Jordie Bellaire - Letters: Robbie Robbins - Cover: Carlos Valenzuela (Regular) & Georges Jeanty (Ri) - Publisher: IDW

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Francesco Francavilla As The New X-Files Season 10 Cover Artist

XFiless10 10 cvr 

Award winning Francesco Francavilla will be illustrating as cover artist for The X-Files Season 10 as Menton3 takes over as interior artist beginning in issue #10. 

Named as one of Comic Alliance's Best Comic Book Artists of 2013, Francesco Francavilla is a self-professed "huge" fan of the show and is sure to bring us many great covers. His body of work includes Doctor Who's Prisoners of Time, Afterlife With Archie, Lone Ranger, Avengers Arena and many more. Comic Alliance interviewed Francesco following the announcement and you can read the entire article here. 

Be sure to welcome Francesco to the fandom by following him on Twitter.

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