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heART for Charity - Worrynet

You can't go many places in the X-Files fandom without seeing her artwork. Worrynet is famous for her adorable Mulder and Scully cartoons, and today we're getting to know her a little bit better. Worry participated in the first heART for Charity auctions, and she is back again with two different pieces up for auction.

A stunning set of Tarot Cards already went on a previous round but more  of her is currently being auctioned here. All proceeds will benefit SA-YES

Hit the jump to learn all about Worrynet

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Review: The X-Files: Conspiracy - Part 4 - Transformers

I’ll confess it. There was a moment, back in 1987 when I realized that my brother had a cooler toy than all of the ones I had. I didn’t care for his sports stuff, or his building blocks, but he had gotten an Optimus Prime for Christmas and I was taken by it. The whole idea that a truck could turn into a talking robot and that it wasn’t only on my TV but in my living room was stunning.

I wanted that truck so bad. I still want that truck so bad. I’ve been sort of a tomboy ever since and I love it. I have an enormous love for Back to the Future and I love every movie that has a car chase in it… so when IDW announced The X-Files: Conspiracy series and that it included Transformers, I was immediately hooked.

Warning - SOME spoilers ahead!

I have to confess, too, that I have yet to read any other Transformers comics, but this issue reminded me of how much I love them. Paul Crilley nailed Bumblebee’s sense of humor and Optimus’ fatherly nature, and explained their universe without thoroughly confusing the readers that might have no clue of what a “Decepticon” is. I also believe that in terms of characterization, the Gunmen felt real and true to the universe that has been developed throughout this series. I especially liked the character development that he allowed for Langley and Bumblebee; it raised the stakes and gave motivation to the characters to respond to the situations they were presented. They stole the show.

The story, which I won’t explain in much detail for a change, is simple and it grabs you from the start, moving forward along the path of the Lone Gunmen’s mission: to save us from a virus that might wipe out the US in just one week. I was very pleased with Dheeraj Verma’s work at the pencils, though I still have problems with how Byers’ portrayal turns out in some of these. Don’t get fooled though, this issue has very creative use of the art, with a style that suits the genre like a glove, presenting us with great visuals that supported the storytelling in a clever way and the especially breathtaking colors by Joana Lafuente. I think in terms of the look of this issue, that is the one thing that I couldn’t get enough of. Amazing job.

As it turns out, Frohike, Langley and Byers manage to make a solid team with the amazing alien vehicles, saving Ratchet from the claws of Skylogic Systems, the sinister organization that seems to be behind the whole pandemic. They also find a way to get a sample that will help Scully and the CDC work on a possible vaccine to fight off the impending catastrophe - that is, if a final threat doesn’t stop them. The last few frames set the cliffhanger for next month’s issue, which features The Crow.

XFiles Consp TF-pr-6The issue features with three great covers; the standard one by Miran Kim, a dark subscription cover with art and colors by Dheeraj Verma and Joana Lafuente, respectively, and a third and last RI cover with art by Joe Corroney and colors by Brian Miller of Hi-Fi Studios.

I continue to enjoy the way Conspiracy is being written, though I can understand why this might not be everyone’s cup of tea if you don’t enjoy the comedic tone that may seep through some of the pages. I am very satisfied by this issue though, the fourth out of six in this series, and I’m really looking forward to the next one.

You know the drill: rush over to your local comic store, shop and pre-order. You can also enjoy these via Comixology. In case you might want to drop IDW a line about these comics you can do so at their twitter or even via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A Hero Hits Half a Century

February 23rd, 2014.

Today marks Dana Scully’s 50th birthday. For half a century, the enigmatic Agent Scully has fought monsters both human and unknown. Twenty-two years ago, she was assigned to a quest that soon became her own search for truth. And where Mulder was the one to discover the path, it was Scully who navigated the journey.

Always the Skeptic to Mulder’s Believer, Scully was a beacon of science. She demanded evidence for truth. If Mulder was right and the fix was in and the sky was falling, then hell, she was going to be there collecting measurements. Despite the gold cross around her neck, science was the religion by which Dana Scully lived.

Many of us grew up following her lead. We watched her walk besides Mulder through morgue hallways and dark forests. In a world dominated by men, she held her own—all 5 foot 3 inches of her. Even in the face of damaging her career, she always stood for what was right and just. We couldn’t have asked for a better role model.

Scully was endlessly smart and embodied a new definition of sexy. Tailored suits and prim pairs of heels replaced tight shirts and short skirts. She was beautiful and elegant and managed to maintain that even when her own world was falling apart. The woman climbed inside of an elephant carcass, performed a necropsy, and still made it look good.

Truthfully, we owe a debt of gratitude to Dana Scully. We watched her struggle with her emotions and insecurities and come out on the other side. Watching The X-Files through Scully’s eyes, we learned about loss and love, and even a little bit about ourselves. Despite all the hardships she went through, at one point or another, most of us have wanted to be more like Dana Scully.

We’ve dyed our hair red. We've studied science. Some of us even have a gold cross necklace. Perhaps it's her intelligence and beauty or maybe the way she always seemed to flawlessly handle herself in any situation. It could be that streak of sass that she whips out at just the right moment. Whatever it is, at fifty years old, Dana Scully is still beautifully interesting.

She may be a fictional character, but to us, Scully is very real. For that, to Chris Carter and his incredible team of writers, we are eternally grateful. Most importantly though, is the woman who brought Dana Scully to life. Twenty years ago, Gillian Anderson stepped into a role that no one else could have ever played. She is the reason Scully will live on, even though she is no longer on our television screens. 

So Happy Birthday to Dana Katherine Scully. You've accomplished a lot these past fifty years, and we can't wait to see what you do next. 

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